The Latest

Red Hook Launch Party!

Sunday Nov 1, 2020, we launched our new space in Red Hook with a wacky fun party in the pouring rain, with long-time volunteers, new neighbors, and even a long-sleeve-bikini bike wash station. Who needs sunshine when we’ve got all this energy and enthusiasm to grow the seeds of our new Mechanical Gardens location! Learn more >>

50 Bike Build-a-Thon for Essential Workers

On a blistering July weekend, the Brooklyn Army Terminal returned to its origins as a staging ground for confronting a global crisis — but this time, instead of soldiers assembling to fight the Nazis, it was an army of volunteers assembling bicycles for hospital workers to fight COVID-19. Learn more >>

About Us

The Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op advances social and environmental justice by expanding equitable access to bikes, repairs, tools, and mechanical education, and structure our workshops as resistance sites to combat the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Through a combination of open workshops, classes, clear pathways to leadership, and universal affordability, we are extending green mobility to everyone who wants to work, play, and live in New York City.

We put the tools for bike repair right into your hands in our donation-based programs. Come visit and we’ll guide you through how to fix, maintain, or upgrade your bike, or even build a new one. No experience necessary. And as you learn, you can volunteer to help others too.

Over five years, we’ve developed bold and effective strategies for radical education, collective organizing, and social activism to advance our mission. As 2021 approaches, we’ve got an ambitious agenda for serving NYC communities. All we need is you! Join the charismatic group of bike riders, civic leaders, local partners, and financial supporters who are helping us expand bike equity farther than ever before — come stop by to work on your bike or volunteer, visit our donation page, or get in touch about programming opportunities.

Why We Do It

Everyone deserves the chance to bike: It keeps dollars in our pockets and emissions out of the air, makes us healthier, fosters climate resiliency, and provides amazing, free urban transportation.

The Problem: countless New Yorkers can’t afford bikes or repairs, or face systemic discrimination in commercial bike shops because of their gender, age, background, or appearance. Bike lanes alone will never be enough to overcome social inequality, because fair access to biking depends on fair access to bikes, repairs, and hands-on mechanical education.

The Mechanical Gardens addresses these needs: With free, hands-on workshops in local community centers and neglected lots, using communal tools, reclaimed resources, and a strong social consciousness, we make bikes and repairs accessible to everyone who lives, works, and plays in NYC. We also invite all participants to join our our volunteer collective and take ownership over the co-op and its future.