Help Us Find A New Space!

In 2016, Mechanical Gardens grew from a collection of bike tools at our apartments to weekly Open Hours at the church basement. In 2019, we expanded to our primary home in Red Hook. Since the start, we have helped over 2,000 New Yorkers keep their bikes rolling. From one-time drop-ins, to regulars and dedicated organizers, we have formed a community around bikes. We’re delighted to announce that as of this August, Mechanical Gardens is a registered 501c3 non-profit.

Now, we’re asking for your help to find a new home.

In October, we had to leave our Red Hook location. We are committed to this neighborhood and plan to continue programming through pop-ups and partnerships. To expand our programs in Red Hook that provide access to the tools, knowledge, and parts for people to fix their own bikes, we need a permanent home. 

We’re raising $20,000 in individual donations to get us there. 

The Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op is here today because so many of us have invested our time and energy into this work. If you have learned something at the bike coop, joined our programs, or upcycled parts with us, please help us reach the next stage in our future.

We appreciate all kinds of help. Do you have a lead on a new space for us? Can you help our fundraising campaign? Post on Instagram or TikTok? To get involved, please sign up here

We will continue to operate Open Hours every Monday from 6-9pm at our original (and loved!) home, St. John the Evangelist Church.